Keynote lecture and study skills – Alexandros

The lecture held by Alexandros was quite amusing as well as helpful, I also found this with his study session. As his lecture and study session were about the same thing I have decided to combine it into one blog post. The subject of his talks were about Sonic Arts and the expenditure of computer and electronic science. I found it difficult to relate at times when he was explaining the properties of this subject. However he did also speak about improvising with strange and obscure materials. As I normally work with paper, cardboard and other heavy materials, I found this interesting and began to think about the relevance of other possible mediums. Using the work of Max Mathews as an example, he made me realise that there is no stopping to limits, as this man was the first electronic musician to create every sound with a computer. He pushed the boundaries and constructed a composition of sounds in a very different way. I found this spontaneous and would like to inject this into my practice.

I was inspired to push boundaries and exceed the limits.



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