12 Days of Illustrated News




I really enjoyed working on this project over Christmas. It was very laid back and relaxing to work on. Unfortunately I didn’t produce 12 pieces but i fully completed 9. Throughout working on this brief I tried to vary my use of materials and techniques. Here is my 9 days of illustrated news…

1. AirAsia – Flying oversea, a plane full of passengers suddenly crashed. Killing everyone on board, this devastating event meant that many families lost loved ones. Parts of the wrecked were founds as well as many bodies. To construct this piece I used a range of foods. These were; rice, lentils, sugar, ground tea leaves, two types of spice and dried spaghetti.


2. Heading for Italy – A cargo ship filled with immigrants was abandoned by its driver of the coast of Italy. Stranded, the immigrants were fleeing their country in search for refuge. I chose to use paper for this piece because of the purity that is reflected in the lack of colour. I was going to place a small light inside of the ship and cut out small windows, this would have allowed Rays of light to shine through representing the hope that the migrants would have felt for the need of safe passage and new welcoming home. The hand featured in this piece represents the rescuing of the immigrants. The Italian coast guards and authorities made it safe for the people to come ashore.


3. Catnip for Christmas – Families, churches, schools, companies and organisations were donating used and unused Christmas trees to a zoo in northern England. The Christmas trees were used to entertain and keep the lions and big cats of this zoo warm. The trees act like catnip to the big cats and help keep them calm. The trees were also used to help maintain heat around the zoo as they acted like a fuel source.


4. The Cratest Ship of all Time – Pulling into the docks of Britain was the biggest floating cargo ship ever built. Longer than the shard this ship was carrying electrical goods, recycled materials, shoes, furniture and many more things. To illustrate this news article, I produced a continuous line drawing to represent the endless amount of goods stored in the containers. This drawing was also accompanied by ripped graph paper for the sea and a green panel for the boats bottom.


5. Be Share Aware – A campaign held by the NSPCC was publicised on the TV and in all national news papers. To help make young adults and children aware of the dangers of sharing private and confidential information, two videos were made as examples of the bad things that can happen. For this piece I used typography. I felt that a message was best read through the use of bold text. The NSPCCs slogan ‘Be Share Aware’ was the main message in this campaign, I used the colour of this organisation, red, yellow and green to highlight the text.


6. Let’s Go! – Three adventurous rhinos wondered out of a zoo in southern England. Unguarded by the sleeping guard, the three rhinos slowly made their way out of the zoo and into the car park. I added more colour to this news story. I am not satisfied with my result, I don’t thing the use of the sharpies gives the story justice.


7. Milk Less Than Water – Farmers and supermarkets are disgusted at the price of milk. Being sold for less that the price of water, many supermarkets are challenging the welfare of farming and value of produce. When illustrating this news story I recycled an old bedding sheet and drew using fabric pens. Ones finished drawing I sewed buttons to add detail and fill void areas. After completing the illustration of the glass milk bottle I then noticed when I turned my work upside down that it also looked like a cow….moooo!!


Upside down…


8. A Little Extra – In Mc Donald’s restaurant a tooth was found in a portion of fries, a shard of metal and a piece of plastic was also found in a burger. I found this news article quite funny! I used the humour from these findings and placed a set a dentures in a burger, they replaced the meat. I kept this illustration quite simple and I used cut out pieces of coloured card. I thought the funny side of the teeth would make up for the lake of detail.


9. Renaming the Motorway – A motorway was renamed in the remembrance of all the past soldiers who fought in the war. Worldly know to commiserate the lose of lives I used the poppy as a symbol of remembrance. Covering the page in poppies I left a small path way to show the shape of the motorway, also labeled you can see which towns will cherish the memorial gesture.



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