Time Passing – part two

For part two of the Time Passing project, I was instructed to develop my previous 40 images and expand on the uses of view points and angles. Time was also a main feature in this extension. I was told to question the fabrication of time, what happened five minutes before? What happened five minutes after? With this I focused my attention on the content of the picture. The ballerina in the photograph caught my eye, she sat elegantly on the horse and was the main focus of the show. I can relate with this character as I used to dance for many years. Thinking about performance I questioned what were to happened if she was to fall of the horse or miss place her step. How would she be perceived by her audience? Would she be able to recover from her mistake without anyone noticing? Would she be judged?

Placing her in different dance positions, I began to tell a story. I chose to work with in a time frame of seconds rather than minutes since she is dancing. I worked with ink and a large paintbrush to illustrate flowing line and movement.


To incorporate my ink drawings into my previous work, I scanned and photoshopped the dancer into the photos. Working with the the effects from the lighting and the shadows, I blended her into the theatre. When looking at the end results it made the dancer look at though she was dancing in a part of the theatre where you couldn’t see her, but you knew she was there because of her shadow. I again presented this series of work in a concertina. It helps the images the flow and tell a story.




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