Buildings in Cardiff 

following on from the bus tour I revisited the photos I captured, I found there to be a structure within the buildings. As in the buildings themselves, the way they were built and looked. As well as where they are placed within the city. As I flicked through my photos I realised there was a pattern and as you gaze over the city the buildings are layered into the horizon. The bus tour also encouraged me to watch the people (public) below on the footpaths going about their everyday lives. They were going to work, dropping they kids of at school, running daily erons. They had a pattern to. This could also be compared to me sitting on the bus. Whilst I was on the bus, I was on a tour with designated stops on a direct route, planned to specific roads. Just like the people on the footpaths and the buildings it was a pattern yet again. The bus driver would drive the same route over and over. From my findings I experimented with an old piece of work and looked at structure and ‘power’. The White buildings made from paper give the impression of order and structure. 




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