The city project – getting started!

Exploring Cardiff for this project helped to learn new facts, get to know new people and encouraged me to explore areas of the city I didn’t know about. I looked at many things whilst trying to understand the brief, my main two focuses were the structual intergreties of buildings and hidden environments/spaces. 

Having three tops to choose from gave me lots of choice as to what I should base my work on. Those three themes were; hidden city, migration and power. Not being sure which theme to go forward with, I began the project by photographing and drawing the city we live in. Starting with the city centre I visited the Cardiff museum of history. Although interesting, I didn’t gain much research to build my work on. I found that everything exhibited in the museum was minimal and there wasn’t a richness in historical information. On the other hand, when I ventured upstairs I came across a large room filled with carnival costumes. I wasn’t aware that Cardiff held carnivals and actually celebrate the heritage of Cardiff. 




Along with visiting the museum, I took a trip around Cardiff City centre and the bay on one of Cardiffs many bus tours. Having known the tour guid Malcolm through family, I managed to get a free ride on the bus and take many pictures as well as learn a few facts!!! 



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