Before uni I attended the Brit School for Performing Arts in London for four years. With my main subject being art, I was able to explore many ways of working, different types of clients, different types of materials and techniques. I was also able to get a good understanding of what it is like to work and collaborate with other artists. I would say that I have a broad understanding of how to produce art work and ideas effectively and quickly. 

Before the Brit School, my experience with schooling and education was effected by bullying. But this never interrupted my art work. If anything it has encouraged me to persue a better life doing what I love. I want to show them bullies that nothing will get me down and that I’m better than them. You could say that this is my reason for going to uni!

Reflecting over the past academic year I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. As the first year of uni I wasn’t to sure what to expect. But at the same time I have had some challenges. Another reason for choosing an art and design based course is down to my dyslexia. Being a strongly creative person I sometimes find learning academically challenging, essay writing for example.

The first piece of writing through constellation was difficult for me. As a result of not completely understanding the subjects content, the content of my essay wasn’t correct. This I find is a reoccurring problem. Due to the pace of my brains intake of information, I have found it takes me twice as long as other people to understand such things as art movements or political issues. 

On the other hand, I have just written a 2500 word essay about ‘meaning and minimalism’ that I can say I am honestly really proud of. It took me a while to understand the minimalist movement, but I wrote the essay all by myself and it made perfect sense! Even though I struggle with academic writing, the opportunity to include my personal opinion in my essay has excited me for the next assignment. I love expressing how I felt and what I already knew. I have really taken an interest in the simplicity of art work the artist of the minimalist movement have produced. I see this as something I can reflect in my own work.

In terms of feedback and criticism, I am open and considerate. When discussing my essay I can usually expect to receive a small amount of positive feedback, my art work varies depending on the subject of my project. I do attend all my feedback sessions and always try to impact my new work with previous improvement suggestions. But being an artists, I have a style and a way of working. This can something impact the way I develope new projects. I can be stubborn. Considering  help, I have turned to my tutors for moral and developmental support. I do find myself asking for the opinions of others, as I think it’s important to produce art work  considering new trends within the eyes of the audience. 

Through expanding my vocabulary and improving my visual language, I want to work much harder next year. By improving my level of work there should be a higher demand to the amount of work I produce. Carrying on to the second year, I wish to push myself much more. The tendency to depend on tutors to spoon feed me needs to stop and I feel I have the potential to improve independently. I have become more confident in my work, but I also have times when I am anxious as to the feedback I am going to receive. I wish to be able to grow so confident in myself that the opinion of others can be taken lighter and be a minor factor to the next piece of work I produce. 

I am really excited for the second year of my course and I can’t wait to explore new ideas and begin new new projects. The summer project we have been given is the perfect runner up to next year. I see it as a test to show my potential and worthiness for my place on the course. Let’s do it! 


Initial design 

This is my first attempt at designing the mural. Using all the things that comfort people I have created a ‘world of comfort’. I have used books to build a house, oversized roses for foliage, musical notes as birds, divets as clouds! Mobile phones as mini people, jewellery as flowers, sweets as buildings and cutlery for plants. Here I have shown the original version, soon I will produce a graphic version with developments. 

Mural Proposal 

In order to produce a mural, you need money, help, a wall and a visual plan of what you are going to paint. A letter is also needed for permission to paint the mural. If places in a public place, you need to have your work authorised by the owner of the wall, the council and the charity/organisation you are producing the work for. So, I wrote a pretend proposal letter! It was difficult!..but I done it. This letter needed to include:

  • Costs of materials 
  • Size of wall 
  • What effects the mural will have on its surroundings 
  • Who will see the mural 
  • Why you have chosen that wall
  • Why you have decided to produce the mural 
  • What effect it will have on the charity/organisation 
  • How long it will take you to finish the mural 
  • How much you are going to be payed unless it’s voluntry

A long side the proposal letter, I would also need to present a visual presentation of my colour palettes, research, visual imagery and a digital version of what the mural should look like. 

Idea! 💡

My idea for this project is to create a mural. This came from the inspiring work of Libertys. As well as decorating they also painted small murals in the children’s bedrooms. This I thought was the perfect opportunity for me to develope my ability to create a mural myself. Since I don’t have much time to fully produce the piece, a strong proposal was deemed more appropriate.

To start the mural, obvious questions needed to be answered…

‘What is public art?’


What do you find comforting??

As a continuation from my reasearch I then went forward to investigate what the charity stand for. The logo showing two birds, one places inside the other could be translated as a mothering figure. This reflects the comfort, care, protection and support the charity give to young children. This is an important part of my development, it’s vital to include in my final piece because it represents what the charity do.

I decided to ask my classmates ‘what do you find comforting?’ In order to get a good understanding of a wide range of visual imagery.  I received the following:

  • Sleeping 
  • Pets/animals 
  • Mum/dad
  • Walking/running 
  • Reading 
  • Drawing 
  • Music 
  • Shoes/clothes
  • Talking 
  • Jewellery
  • Mobile phone 
  • Photos/memories 
  • Friends 




More research on my charity was needed…

Due to the colours used by the charity for their logo and website I have created a colour palette…



Connecting the charity and the relevance of the logo I have started to question what the logo means…  


Kids company 

My research led to me revisiting a charity based project I was looking at a few years ago!  A collaboration between a charity called Kids Conpany and Liberties the retail story worked together to make deprived children’s bedrooms a brighter note exciting place. Liberties redocorated, refurbished and refurnished a handful of children’s bedrooms for free. Painting the walls and applying colour to these bedrooms helped the children to deal with difficult challenges they may face. I found this the perfect subject to build my project on.