Mural Proposal 

In order to produce a mural, you need money, help, a wall and a visual plan of what you are going to paint. A letter is also needed for permission to paint the mural. If places in a public place, you need to have your work authorised by the owner of the wall, the council and the charity/organisation you are producing the work for. So, I wrote a pretend proposal letter! It was difficult!..but I done it. This letter needed to include:

  • Costs of materials 
  • Size of wall 
  • What effects the mural will have on its surroundings 
  • Who will see the mural 
  • Why you have chosen that wall
  • Why you have decided to produce the mural 
  • What effect it will have on the charity/organisation 
  • How long it will take you to finish the mural 
  • How much you are going to be payed unless it’s voluntry

A long side the proposal letter, I would also need to present a visual presentation of my colour palettes, research, visual imagery and a digital version of what the mural should look like. 


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