More paper trials…

Sticking with paper as my main material, my focus changed to the shape and structure of the brain. Having worked with paper in a previous project years ago, I created a tunnel like structure that formed an obscure sphere shape. This old project left me with small trials, mini versions of the final pieces. These trials gave me an idea to repeat the process and recreate the structure but adding colour. The chosen colours I used were not properly thought at the begginging about when considering my aim. On the other hand, the colours used were large areas of vibrant neon pinks, blues, yellows and greens which had been screen printed onto large sheets of paper. Ones finished the model, I realised the colours I had used were relivant as they could possibly represent the artificial sweeteners and sugars we consume. To create the brain shape, I attempted to cut into the cones, this didn’t go to plan!


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