Final piece/pieces 

Choosing which materials to use for my final piece or pieces was difficult. I have experimented with so much and this paticular project had opened my eyes to taking a new approach to ideas and formulating work. After my crit with Anna and fellow students, I have been able to narrow down the materials I would much prefer to use. I got a great response with weaving the paper and forming the hats. But the group and tutor thought my use of weaving made the paper look like sugar cubes. They also mentioned that I had not approached the use of this materials with its results in the right way to suit the project. I liked the idea of the sugar cubes and the clear connection it has with my Ted talk.

Brainstorming ideas to use the sugar cubes seemed quite tricky even though I came up with many uses for the cubes and ways I could manipulate them to their fullest potential. My favourite idea was to bring the individual sugar cubes to life and use the method of stop start animation to bring them alive.

Thankfully a tutor/teacher within the illustration department is an expert as this method. His many years of experience has allowed him to make a living out of it. His name is Tom Edgar. I have used his knowledge and Skills as well as his work as my inspiration and as a starting point for the finding of this new skill or technique. His work includes the wonderful joy made for John Lewis’s home insurance advert, please watch…

John Lewis advert – home insurance 

But before making the video some experimenting needed to take place. I bought four boxes of white sugar  cubes as well as honey, golden syrup, ink and water (water was free obviously). I playing around with the dissolving of the sugar cubes helped me diturmine which liquid would dissolve the sugar the fastest, the slowest and the most visually appealing. From this I found, the golden syrup took the longest then came the honey, both sat on the sugar and took a very long time to absorb. On the other hand the ink when dropped onto the cubes did absorb, but almost failed to dissolve them. My best result came from the water. I tested hot and cold water as well as Luke warm. Hot boiling water dissolved the sugar cubes and the visual appeal of this process was enjoyable to watch.

The next stage of my work was to formulate a little story or plan as to what would happen in my animation, although only rough I had the idea of improvising whilst animating. This is what I came up with:

  • I introduce the box of cubes
  • One or two cubes come alive and wake the the other cubes up
  • A slow rush out of the box collects the cubes outside the box
  • The cubes then organise and move to create a brain like form/structure
  • The brain is created by the gradual movement of the cubes
  • Water is added and the brain melts

Whilst doing the animation, I will also consider smaller details that are humerus and story telling. My results…



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