Ideas, ideas, ideas…

After giving it some thought I drew up a few ideas working off their original idea. I thought about the shape of the dome and realised that it may not fit within the aesthetics of the shop floor. The dome has a round base where as the opening of the staircase is a long rectangle. What if the shell wasn’t a dome but a house? The squareness of the house would fit over the opening of the hatch and give us the chance to work with clean lines and structured shape…



Engineers of the Imagination 

From what I understand, this project is about exploring the endless possibilities of site specific art and performance. Through quirky themes and interesting stories, we are asked to produce a piece of work that highlights and co heirs with our space being a shop in the High Street Arcade in the town centre of Cardiff. 

After joining the group and then quickly catching up with the brief, I found myself working with five other people as a team. These people were Becky, El, Patrick, Federico and John. As a new person I took on their ideas they had already come up with. Their main idea for the space was to create a large snow globe structure. This snow globe would cover a hatch opening to a staircase that went down to the basement of the shop. This idea stood as a great basis to expand upon. 

Whilst discussing with the group their idea I came up with a rough image as to what they were planning to do. In order to expand I needed to visualise. Below you can see my sketch. The Staircase hatch at the centre of the dome, this would allow the viewer to be able to experience all angles of the interior whilst still being mindfull they are standing on a staircase. For within the dome the group thought about placing shadow puppetry, this would be the main event of their/our piece. The puppetry would tell a narrative or set the scene for a festive Christmas or celebration. With an addition of lighting and smaller props there would be a sense of atmosphere and magical joy. But there was still progress to be made…


Changing Field group…


I made the decision to change field groups. From being ‘Play & Creativity’ I moved to ‘Engineers of the Imagination’. My reason for this is because I feel as though there wasn’t enough learning or potential for myself or my practice. My teacher covered areas of his research that I found to be common knowledge or important principles of my practice that I use every day. There was no flare or excitement in his sessions. I found myself being uninterested and bored. In terms of being playful and creative, this subject yet again lack that artistic or creativity. In terms of making something we were given the task of creating a free standing tower made from…spaghetti, string, masking tape and a marshmallow. This task I found to be not worth the amount of money I am paying for my uni tuition and an insufficient way of spending my time. I didn’t learn anything from the three weeks i was in this group, of which was my fourth choice when choosing my options. Gutted!! 


The main point that I got from todays session was that the idea of ‘play’ is a taboo state of doing. When you are a child play is acceptable, you are allowed to explore with colour, shape and object without anyone judging what you are doing and how you are doing it. As you get older, the idea of play becomes minimal, you are emerged in other obstinate in life and the way you are viewed by your peers changes. And again, as you progress into adult hood the amount of play you are involved in is next to nothing. Play also creates the opportunity for making unusual connections and as a result you are left with new insights and ideas.

Marshmallow challenge…


  • To build the tallest freestanding structure using 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yard or tape and string and 1 marshmallow in the space of 18 minutes.

This task I carried out with three other people, we found that by starting with the spaghetti and ignoring the main problem, the marshmallow, we didnt estimate the weight or balance of the finishing fluffy pink ball of mallow that was to sit on top. If we had worked with the marshmallow first and built around it, we would have made a solid structure that was trendy enough to hold the edible delight.

Tom Wujee presented his theory of the marshmallow challenge.

Aspects of play

  • Freedom of choice
  • Joy
  • Spontaneity
  • Absense of consequences
  • Removing constraints

Types of play

  • Body play
  • Object play
  • Using hands play
  • Curiosity & exploration
  • Social play
  • Rough & tumble
  • Imaginative play

Attitudes towards play

  • Childhood play
  • Teenage years
  • Adulthood

Permission to play

  • Give yourself permission
  • It is important

Walking away from this exercise, I have started to wonder about the prospects of this field group. I am questioning how creative and interesting this subject will be, it worries me that the building of the marshmallow tower may be the most creative and exciting thing we will get to do in this subject known as ‘Play & Creativity’…

Collaboration & Motivation 

The smallest things in your day to day life can affect the productivity of creativity. Gareth respesents the fundamentals of being creative as the ‘model for creativity’


 In order to fully exercise being creative, there are two states that cover important parts in order to be a great artist or creative mind.


  • ‘The greater the diversity of opinions and perspectives you gather, the more affective you will be in creative value’  – the wisdom of crowds – James Suroweicki 

Wisdom of crowds…

  • Diversity of opinion: each person provides information 
  • Independence: people’s options aren’t affected by others
  • Decentralisation: to access a wide variety of views 
  • Aggregation: synthasising data

I understand the importance of working in a team and the significance of selecting people who hold specific talents or trates. When you use these talents or trates to their full potential you will have the intimate create group. On the other hand, this session was quite simple, the subject matter that was shown and spoken about in the few hours of field was common knowledge. When do we start creating and exploring? 

Play & Creativity 

Project Leader – Gareth Loudon 

Assignment Brief:

  1. An exhibition piece related to the theme ‘wellbeing’
  2. Presented by a 2 minute presentation explaining the piece and motive behind it 
  3. Also a reflective blog and 500 word reflective pdp

I like the sound of the project, I think the brief is quite easy so I’ll have to make it challenging for myself. From the first session, I didn’t feel interested or engaged in what Gareth had to say. He spoke about his work and what he can offer as a teacher. He explained the project and brief itself. I find it hard to stay engaged if the subject matter is dull or is the teacher has a monotone way of teacher and talking. There was no flare or interesting facts. Let’s just see what I get from this….