Collaboration & Motivation 

The smallest things in your day to day life can affect the productivity of creativity. Gareth respesents the fundamentals of being creative as the ‘model for creativity’


 In order to fully exercise being creative, there are two states that cover important parts in order to be a great artist or creative mind.


  • ‘The greater the diversity of opinions and perspectives you gather, the more affective you will be in creative value’  – the wisdom of crowds – James Suroweicki 

Wisdom of crowds…

  • Diversity of opinion: each person provides information 
  • Independence: people’s options aren’t affected by others
  • Decentralisation: to access a wide variety of views 
  • Aggregation: synthasising data

I understand the importance of working in a team and the significance of selecting people who hold specific talents or trates. When you use these talents or trates to their full potential you will have the intimate create group. On the other hand, this session was quite simple, the subject matter that was shown and spoken about in the few hours of field was common knowledge. When do we start creating and exploring? 


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