Changing Field group…


I made the decision to change field groups. From being ‘Play & Creativity’ I moved to ‘Engineers of the Imagination’. My reason for this is because I feel as though there wasn’t enough learning or potential for myself or my practice. My teacher covered areas of his research that I found to be common knowledge or important principles of my practice that I use every day. There was no flare or excitement in his sessions. I found myself being uninterested and bored. In terms of being playful and creative, this subject yet again lack that artistic or creativity. In terms of making something we were given the task of creating a free standing tower made from…spaghetti, string, masking tape and a marshmallow. This task I found to be not worth the amount of money I am paying for my uni tuition and an insufficient way of spending my time. I didn’t learn anything from the three weeks i was in this group, of which was my fourth choice when choosing my options. Gutted!! 


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