Engineers of the Imagination 

From what I understand, this project is about exploring the endless possibilities of site specific art and performance. Through quirky themes and interesting stories, we are asked to produce a piece of work that highlights and co heirs with our space being a shop in the High Street Arcade in the town centre of Cardiff. 

After joining the group and then quickly catching up with the brief, I found myself working with five other people as a team. These people were Becky, El, Patrick, Federico and John. As a new person I took on their ideas they had already come up with. Their main idea for the space was to create a large snow globe structure. This snow globe would cover a hatch opening to a staircase that went down to the basement of the shop. This idea stood as a great basis to expand upon. 

Whilst discussing with the group their idea I came up with a rough image as to what they were planning to do. In order to expand I needed to visualise. Below you can see my sketch. The Staircase hatch at the centre of the dome, this would allow the viewer to be able to experience all angles of the interior whilst still being mindfull they are standing on a staircase. For within the dome the group thought about placing shadow puppetry, this would be the main event of their/our piece. The puppetry would tell a narrative or set the scene for a festive Christmas or celebration. With an addition of lighting and smaller props there would be a sense of atmosphere and magical joy. But there was still progress to be made…



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