My contribution…

To contribute to the piece I came up with a few ideas. To go along side the tunnels in the house I thought small houses and trees would enhance the winter wonderland theme and fill the remaining shelf space. Made from paper the houses and trees slot together, no glue is needed and they are recyclable. I used white paper as it ties in with the clean tones and lines of the larger house. As an additional touch, electronic tea lights sat under the houses and shone a warm yellow glow through the windows. Spindled fake snow added that extra magical feel. The houses, trees and snow made the inside of the house look like a small village celebrating festivities.

Tin foil…The basement to the shop is dark and miserable and really needed something to brighten it up. Amelia brought to the shop large sheets of tin foil…I had an idea!! Using the foil and lots of masking tape I was able to form a tunnel that swept all the way around to the bottom of the stairs leading up to the house. This covered the crumbling walls of the basement and was the perfect material to bounce light off.  I was pleased with the results of this material and I found it came alive and rattled as you walked past it. It made the tunnel feel magical!

Stars…Going up the stairs I made a small constellation of stars from paper. Using the same technique as the illustrative tunnels, the stars were small cuts into a large piece of black card. This I used to form an archway over the stairs and cover more of the dirty walls and cracked plaster. With a large space behind the arched paper, I placed fairs lights that shone through and gave a warm glow…

Black, black and more black…To cover the sides of the stairs and the floor of the opening of the staircase I used a combination of black bedsheets and black paper. This made everything look clean and tidy. This colour was chosen because the stairs are painted a dark brown, also any lighting out into the space would work much better…



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