War horse – Ideas 

Looking through old sketchbooks I came across some of my favourite works by Joseph Cornell. His use of obscure object arrangements in boxes shout character and quirkiness…

My attempt…

Using the boxed presentation and the theme of ‘building relationships’, chains and boxes represent the gradual growth and strong links in the film. Between the horse and the boy or the German and British soldier on the war front, this theme of ‘building relationships’ and connecting in order to progress can be found through out the film. I have also used obvious objects linked with horses such as horse shoes. Although I don’t need to use such symbols, the horse shoe is made from a strong material, that durable and serves a grand purpose, this also stand for a relationship or friendship.

Moving away from deep boxes, shallow picture frames deemed more appropriate. Considering materials it would be nice for me to make the picture frames from loose planks of wood. Within these frames I have also thought about the materials that I will use and my compositions. Organic materials such as woods, metals, leaves and recycled paper reflect the resources used during the war and on the farms in Devonshire. Thinking of other possibilities, an afternoon of exploring in my garden in west wales brought me to three pieces of broken slate. These pieces stood as a great background for potential work.



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