War horse – Intro & Research  

The brief for this project is to put together a badly of work and create three final pieces by the beginning of the second term…quite a straight forward. 


  • The film was originally a theatre production and further made into a film that lasts two hours and twenty nine minutes.
  • Set during WWI, Devonshire, France.
  • Main characters include the horse ‘joey’, a family of three, a general matching to war, an old Frenchman and his grand daughter, German and British soldiers as well as other horses.
  • Genres: war novel
  • Originally published in 1982
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo
  • Children’s novel

The horse…

  • Separated from mother 
  • Buildings a relationship with the farm boy 
  • Saves a families home and income 
  • Sold to a military man 
  • Captured by Germans 
  • Make a friend, another horse 
  • Pulls German artillery 
  • Friend dies 
  • Runs for his life 
  • Gets caught in wire
  • Freed from wire by a German and an English soldier 
  • Returns to farm boy 

Hidden themes…

  • Building relationships
  • Working hard 
  • Taking risks 
  • Having faith 

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