Engineers of the Imagination – Part 2 – The Intro 

Finally the second half of the 10 week project has begun. Our brief mirrors the objectives of last term although the members of my group have slightly changed. Working with Chris instead of Amelia is fresh and exciting. With the project being run by him for the next few weeks allows me to explore alternative aspects of theories and possible themes. 


To study the poem; ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ and produce a performance piece that is both portable and compact. Possibly suitcase sized and unexpected. 


Here is a link to the poem, it’s quite a long read and requires patients. But a good one! 

I found it difficult to read through all of the poem and managed just about half way. It isn’t a deep read that involves much attention and thinking. The story is quite straight forward and the poet has managed to set the scene, distinguish the characters and intertwine many hidden themes. Although not finished I enjoyed the poem. I have picked out on a few aspects that could be put into the piece of work yet to be made. These things include, the direction of the rising and falling sun, the colour of the floating icebergs, the wing spane of the albatross and the spooky domain of the most. When reading, I was attracted to the setting of the poem and characteristics of the boat, people and sea. It’s all quite exciting…

The people I am working with for the next coming weeks is similar to the group last term. Becky, Elliot and myself have all agreed that we work very well together. Individually we all bring strong skills to the table. Losing a few members during the new brief has allowed us to breath and come back stronger. Kubuś is a new friend of mine and now a new member to our trio. Coming from the same course at Elliot his skills and techniques are similar, but his train of thought comes from a different perspective. I have found that just through talking to him that our brains speak the 3D language.


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