“How should the story be portrayed??… Should it be obvious??”

We had to decide weather or not telling the story was important for the piece. We could either go two ways, be very obvious and show the actual theme or be ambiguous! This ambiguity would hide the story or even change it so it becomes a translation or a minor part in the work!

“Would we use the story to tell others of a message or teach a lesson??… Is it at all a story or a hidden vessel carrying developments and ideas?”

As a group we decided that the story told by the mariner was a prediction of the future developments and distractions by future generations. Resulting in flooding, tree cutting and car fumes on our planet therefore forced societies to unite and flee the effects from these long term actions. In order to find refuge on a healthier untouched part f our planet they must leave!

“How is this shown through our use of materials and processes??

we needed a material that’s recyclable, man manipulated and also organic or natural. we could have chosen many mediums but paper deemed the most suitable. using the paper we would be able to manipulate and push theories to extend our 3D techniques to their full potential. paper also happens to be my favourite material to work with. the clean lines and cut edges can be used many ways. bold curves and folds create depth and layers. folds could possibly represent the different elements of our world we have manipulated, pushed and ruined to suit our selfish needs. they could also represent the constant collapse of our ecosystem, with each fold our world is slowly falling in on us!


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