Time for construction! 

With all the elements ready to go, it’s finally construction time! To being the assemblage, Becky attached the buildings (all attachments are made with double sided sticky tape). She managed to figure out how to get all the buildings down but then also stable when stood up. It worked!!


Kubus trees were successful, they pop up and the mechanism works. Each tree has a pulling tab that lays between the bases of the piece. This made sure the system was kept safe and secure. His made his drone using the technique of origami. It looked great!


Elliot’s mountains were the trickiest, he struggled to make them sit upright and collapse properly. But he pulled it all together and eventually it worked. Additional pieces were added onto the sides of the mountains, they made them look more realistic but also abstract. They were beautiful!!


As well as the boat I also figured out the waves. These I made by folding paper into a concertina then cutting the shape of a generic ‘wave’ as well as thin slits for structural purposes.


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