World of Boats

Finally it was time to visit our venue. We headed over to the bay to a place called ‘The World of Boats’. Run by a father and son, The World of Boats is a cafe, boat restoration workshop and museum during the day as well as a restaurant at night. Our hosts were very hospitable, they welcomed our ideas and loved the sound of our work. It’s all very exciting.

Chris gave me the honer of being the director of the main room. Being a reasonably sized room I had to consider a few things. These things were, the layout of the artwork, lighting, and dynamics. I also had to bare in mind that the room was also the businesses main way of making money, the restaurant still had to be run! Organising of all of theses elements went very well. I spoke to the owner about table layout and we were able to come to an agreement. I discussed all lighting and requirements for the art being featured in the room as well as safety procedures like walk ways and trip hazards.

I had sit down discussions with all of the artists about their work and worked out where and how they were presenting. For the group I was working in, we were quick to decide where our work was going. We chose the restaurant room, the main event, as the clean white paper fitted in with the decorum. I came up with the idea to place our work on a stack of wooden palettes. I also discussed the possibility of borrowing the palettes from the restoration workshop but instead had to loan them from The Doctor Who Experience next door. This was no trouble.



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