Three Week Project – Editorial Illustration

Following the Field project we now have a three week project to end the term. This new project will be broken up into three parts each lasting a week. For the entirety of the three weeks we have the choice of using one article or a few. The article I have chosen to use is called ‘The Koorhinoor Diamond’. It is about the ownership of the Indian diamond that sits in the British crown jewels in the tower of London. I chose this article because its rich in visual imagery and the story line is simple but strong. Who doesn’t love diamonds?..


More about the diamond…

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I many parts of the indian empire were seized by the british. This included, land, property, money and anything with antiquity value. amongst these riches was the home and very large diamond of a newly made emperor. At the age of five the new emperor was left to rule his kingdom with his mother by his side. Weak and easily manipulated he gave his kingdom and jewels to the queen mother Elizabeth I. in addition to this mass confiscation, the young king and mother were separated and she was forced into exile. Vulnerable and alone, the king was pressured into granting the queen Elizabeth permission to wear the diamond, this permission led to the cutting down and the reduction of karats to suit the size of her crown. The queen mother also forced the young king to forgive her. With nothing to his name, no family and no service to provide, queen Elizabeth sent him to exile where he spent most of his life.


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