Week No.2 – 3D to 2D

Using the same article from week one, we were expecting to produce a 3D box piece inspired by Joseph Cornell. As one of my favourite artists Joseph Cornell was featured on my blog a coupled of weeks ago. I used his work as inspiration for my War Horse project during the Christmas holidays. Josephs style of working evolves around his mass collection of found and made objects. Carefully selecting from this collection he narrates a story or highlights an issue or interest and presents it in a small container or box. I had a week to collect and rummage through charity shops and backs of cupboards…

My Box…

From the festivities of christmas i had collected a few things that had potential creative value. One of these things was a chocolate box from Marks & Spencer’s. Constructed from four layers this box held different assortments of chocolates. The box itself had a base that held the stacked layers and a sleeve that held them in place. The entirety of the box was in the shape of a hexagon. This quality was quirky and would be the perfect shell for my found arrangement.

I used the base of the box to hold my collection, i also painted it the appropriate shade of blue to match my tea set, this tied in tin my article. I recut a new sleeve using the old one, but this time i used white cartridge paper. On the exterior of the box i added a similar design in relation to my tea set.

For the inside, i arranged a miniature tea set given to me by my grandma years ago. I opted for the minimal approach for the inside. I covered all sides and base of the box to make it look clean and tidy. The tea set sat in the middle.

Photographing the piece…

With the resources supplied to me by Mal, i photographed the box with a multi-point-focus camera and 5 spot lights. I sat the box on a white sheet that stretched up the wall to give me a clean background. The spot lights i used ether had a cream or white tone when turned on. I used this to my advantage, i was able to create shadows on the inside of the box using the cut out silhouettes. The different shades of lighting allowed me to overlap individual shadows, this created layers and scenery. When documenting my work i always take the time to photograph it with proper equipment.

Final Piece…

Having taken quite a few pictures of my piece i couldn’t decide which to present as a my find one, so i chose two. The images below are the best lit and composed images, they include shadows, the shell of the box and the tea set. The first image is to the dimensions required in the brief (22 x 28cm). The image below i have left as the original size, i decided to not cut it down because it worked well as a portrait piece.



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