Week 5 – Archaeologies of essay 

For my essay I have chosen to look at the reading material given to us in week 2, ‘The minds eye’ by Joseph Jastrow. After a few reads of this piece I began to fully understand what he was trying to say and the theories being put across. I found this approach of viewing the world interesting and new. It really excited me that I understood what was being said and I for once have confidence in what I was writing about!

My essay question:

“What are the differences between ‘ambiguous’ and ‘realistic’ to express a meaning or message?”

To begin:

Ambiguous: adjective – open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.

Realistic: adjective – representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or familiar.

To construct my essay I had to break down each paragraph and formulate the appropriate information and theories into the right order. I began by introducing my author, text and theories. Then I wrote about my theories,my thoughts and the views of Joseph Jastrow. Followed by how I was going to evidence my theories. Lastly to conclude, I highlighted why I chose this piece of literature and the affects it will have on my practice, illustration. My conclusion also covered the take home message the author was trying to portray. Here is my structure in full…



Week 4 – Archaeologies of practice 

Reading material: Pages of ingold

What I gained from this lecture:

The kite represents the dancing agency, triangle also known as the threesome. Made from three parts this allows me to formulate my work. The kite itself needs the kinetic energy in roger to fly. This is the push and pull we relay back into our work. Without of the the three agents or points in the triangle, meaning the push or pull, I would not be able to produce my work or the kite would fail to fly. 

Week 2 – Archaeologies of the present 


Reading Materials: Extract from Tonkinwise – design away and ‘The minds eye’ by Joseph Jastrow

What I gained from this lecture:

We all interpret the world through our senses, but the results of what we see can differ from person to person depending on emotion, experiences and personalities. I enjoyed this lecture as I understood what the reading materials was about. Although it took me a few attempts at reading the text, I finally understood what Joseph was trying to say. 

Week 1 – Archaeologies of the body


Reading Materials: Extract from Johshon .M – the meaning of the body

What I gained from this lecture: 

I was very confused throughout this session. I found the text very difficult and heavy to read…help!