Study skills – Mayanz Shahs

Questioning everything…

The study skills session with Mayanz was interesting. She questioned the relevance of line, colour, form, structure and volume. She told us to think about why we use these factors and why are they so important to our practice. Maynard also made me question the difference between a maker, an illustrator, a sculptor, graphic designer, product designer and fine artist. Since we all live in the same building we would all be classed as artistic and creative people. What is the difference between us all? The relevance of my practice was also challenged and made me query what the importance of being an illustrator is? What do I do? and what do other people perceive from illustration. Thinking about the weeks ahead and projects to come, I have started to question how I can collaborate and make the most of working along side another creative person. As well as what impact it would have.


Study Skills – Ashley Morgan

Strengths and skills with academic writing

In Ashley’s study session I reflected on my personal skills and achievements. Questioning my ability of time keeping, academic writing and skills, she helped me to realise my strengths and weaknesses concerning blog work and essays. She also to helped to strengthen my ability to improve my academic writing. This was achieved by using a car journey as a metaphor. By asking a series of questions such as; where am I now? where will I be? where am I going? Am I nearly there yet? how will I get there?

My strengths :
– time keeping
– punctuality
– consistency when writing
– spelling
– structuring of essays

My weaknesses:
– reading
– gramma and punctuation
– concentrations when writing

Ashley also covered the importance of the study sessions and lectures. She highlighted that it was good for me to reflect on what I personally thought about the sessions. Such as stating what I didn’t understand and what I learnt and how I will combine my new knowledge with my practice.