Words To Draw By – Story

Continuing from the workshops and experimenting with a wide range of materials, my brief was to illustrate a story of my own using words to draw by. As well as considering the colour workshops and any influential artists. I was over the moon when receiving this task. Having illustrated friends and families stories in the past I was excited to be illustrating my own! I had so many ideas.

For this brief the aim was to create more than 5 characters that were peculiar, interesting and bizarre. I was also given a list of character ideas to consider:

– stranger
– villain
– village idiot
– youngest
– oldest
– king or queen
– mother
– rogue
– hero
– false hero
– wallflower
– saviour
– lover
– pet
– side kick
– prize
– chosen one









Words To Draw By – Workshops

For this brief I explored the use of mark making through the interpretation of words such as verbs and adjectives. Through my use of mark making and line, I had to represent the words expressively, without illustrating the words as objects or beings. My outcomes were a variety of quick responses, I experimented with colour, contrast, shape, line and different types of paper. I also elaborated on my mark making through using found objects, dipping them into wet mediums such as ink and paint and dragging them across the paper. From this brief and series of exercises, I developed my skills on responding to feelings, movements and senses, such as touch, taste, smell, hear and sight.