Week No.3 – Gif

For the third week i decided to revisit week one. My 2D still image worked really well, but there was definitely room for development. For my Gif i wanted to expand on the movement within the teacup. this task took me a day to complete…

Week one – 2D piece…

To develop from week one i worked with the tea cup and diamond. My initial idea was to line the tea cup with cling film and gradually fill it with tea to submerge the diamond. Having spoken with my class mate Meg, she gave me the idea to use small cut up pieces of paper or card instead of liquid. This would mean i would not damage my cup and the theme of using paper would stay consistent. To represent the tea i decided to use pieces of square brown paper. i gradually filled the cup with layers of the paper and took photos. The build up of layers gave the impression of filling. The diamond eventually submerged. I incorporated the sugar cubes to, i approached this with the same method and made it disappear.

my final gif…

With this being my first Gif i learnt that the number of colours your image uses is reduced in order to reduce the file size. The effect of this reduction i think works quite. Its made the image grainy and the tea comes across more like tea.



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