Week No.1 – Image in Response to Article


For my article the main issue i needed to cover is the constant battle as to whom owns the diamond. I felt it was important to include the element of fighting or arguing in my piece in order to communicate the gritty rivalry of the countries. From reading the article there were a few ideas that immediately sprung to mind. These being, a tug-of-war with a diamond, indian and british soldiers fighting, a very british tea party and a chicken laying a diamond instead of an egg. After speaking with fellow classmates and Anna, i decided that i wouldn’t go with an obvious arrangement to represent the article but something thats easily read with holds lots of meaning.

The tea party qualified. Being a british afternoon activity, drinking tea and eating cakes has become a worldwide link to the Victorian era. The tea itself is an Indian product and i thought the link between both aspects tied in quite nicely. Compositionally i think my thumbnail works, Anna also agreed and commented that the objects i have used are well balanced among the page.

Paper craft…

Having decided on my thumbnail i began to think about materials and how to was to create a 2D response. With paper being my favourite medium i came up with the idea to craft a 3D tea set and present my final piece as a photograph. below is a picture of my first attempt as making a cup and saucer. the shape of the cup i constructed with leaf shaped pieces. The shape of these pieces was relevant to tea and the shape of tealeaves. but after flicking through an amazing book loaned to me by Amelia, i decided that the cup was to complicated if i were to add additional design or detailing.


This lead me to making this simple tea set shown below…After watching many tutorial on Youtube and reading origami books i came up with a simple pattern. I produced all the pieces in white cartridge paper with the scope to paint on them with watercolours and gouache.

Suggested by Anna, i carefully painted in the style of Willow. Willow is british china with indian inspired patterns painted on it. Its a limited palette of blues and yellowy golds. This style fitted perfectly with my article.


I photographed my piece with the help and resources provided my Mal. I set everything up with crisp white backgrounds and appropriate lighting. The shot was taken from above, birds-eye view. when taking the photographs i had to consider the dimensions required for the final piece, this meant i had to zoom out to crop back in. Editing was also needed, as you can see below the photo i chose was quite green and a bit dull…

My final thing…

I’m extremely pleased with my final piece. The colours, composition, time taken to make and photograph everything, the size and proportions as well as the scale all worked to plan. Iv had great responses from fellow students and passing by tutors. Lets see what they have to say in the crit…bring on week no.2!!!

final thing


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